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The Carnegie Principle


Co-Founder and Partner of the Carnegie Principle, the most powerful mastermind group in the world! Learn more by clicking the link. www.carnegieprinciple.com

Carnegie Principle

Author, Speaker, and Expert


Author of multiple books on Personal and Professional Development. Has appeared on different TV stations been in Documentaries, and is an Author of several books as a resident expert on financial matters. Has had over 30 years of leading expertise with Tax Law and Financial Planning. 

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Jeffrey's mission is to give back and help others become the person they desire to be personally and professionally.   

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In Preparation for 2019


Jeff spoke at our business networking group in Anthem, Arizona.  Jeff is knowledgeable and a wonderful speaker.  Everyone in the group enjoyed the information.  We all felt that we had tips in hand to make for a profitable and productive 2019.  Jeff is welcome back anytime.  --Florence Bruemmer, Law Office of Florence M. Bruemmer, P.C.

Relationships Are Your Riches!


Warm greetings to all! I want to acknowledge and say thanks to the authors of the above-mentioned books. Specifically, Mr. Jeffrey Levine. These books have catapulted my career into amazing new heights and have expanded my income exponentially. 

On June 20th, 2017; Jeff had entered our fitness facility (Anytime Fitness) in Anthem, Arizona. Jeff walked through the door and had inquired about a membership and the possibility for private personal training. The conversation had developed into a deeper conversation of goals, dreams, and aspirations. Upon the completion of our conversation, Jeff had thanked me for sharing my journey in this life with him.

Later that day, Jeff returned with a book: “Off The Radar Screen”. He entered my office and handed it to me. I had no clue that he was one of the authors. I was shocked that he had thought that much of me, to take time out of his own life to try and help guide me in my own. I had thanked him for the book, shook his hand, and immediately started to read the book. When I had opened the book, I noticed the note written on the inside page, it read: “You are always marketing, enjoy the book, Jeff”.

I never put the book down! I had read the entire book, from cover to cover until it was finished. I was mesmerized by the Universal Laws of how to access your wants, needs, dreams, and goals. Throughout our private sessions, Jeff had mentored me through all the speed bumps and hurdles that I had encountered along the way. He had also celebrated my successes, one-by-one. Jeff gave me more of his books (mentioned above), and each one added significant value to my life and business. One-by-one, success after success had started multiplying. 

Soon afterwards, I had been presented an offer that was “Off The Radar Screen”, just like his books had described. Another Anytime Fitness club had opened just ½ block from my home. I had called and spoken with the owner of the club and had landed a lucrative position with triple the income! My relationships are now becoming my riches and it is all making sense! Jeff is an amazing person and great author. Thank you so much Jeff!

I will always value our relationship and our friendship!


Jonathan Stava 

Stava Athletics - Coach/Trainer

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